* 1. What is your role? (if multiple roles apply, please select the response that most closely matches your primary job)

* 2. Was this webinar relevant to your day-to-day work?

* 3. I am clear on how to use the information presented.

* 4. The following webinar objectives were clear:

Learning Objectives - Participants will:
• Learn about the impact of DV on parenting and mother-child relationships as reported by WCADV focus group participants
• Hear about the successes and challenges of creating new support and education groups in rural Wisconsin to strengthen bonds between first generation Mexican immigrant DV survivors and their acculturated teen sons and daughters
• Understand the evolution and outcomes of a ten-year project to strengthen relationships between battered mothers and their children in an urban environment

* 5. As a result of this webinar, do you have new ideas about how to approach your work?

* 6. Were the presenters knowledgeable and able to answer the participants' questions?

* 7. The presenters communicated their content effectively.

* 8. I learned something new about _____________ on the webinar.

* 9. Was the webinar technology an effective tool for sharing this information?

* 10. How could this webinar have been improved?

* 11. I would like to see a webinar presented on the topic listed below: