The Office of Institutional Effectiveness, with funding through the Chancellor’s Office Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative (IEPI), is offering stipends of $500-$1,000 for innovative assessment projects that foster a continuous cycle of improvement in learning outcomes and assessments.

These stipends are available to all faculty across instructional and student services units.
  • Projects should relate to instructional or student services Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) and Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs), and can involve the following:
  • Revise SLOs to include broader, higher-level competencies and skills related to the course or student service
  • Revise PLOs to foster stronger integration with SLOs and include broader competencies that demonstrate the necessary skills to be successful in the workforce and/or transfer
  • Collaborate across departments or programs to enhance cross-disciplinary assessment
  • Design and host a professional development activity/event that showcases one or more program or service area’s effective assessment practices and findings
  • Develop innovative methods of assessment for student learning (project based learning, portfolio work, student self-reflection, etc.)
  • Locate methods that integrate student perspectives in assessment and that foster student metacognition regarding learning
All funded projects must serve as models for campus innovation in outcomes and assessments, and must include components that are adaptable to other faculty and/or programs.

Applicants should specify requested level of funding ($500 or $1,000), depending on scope and breadth of project. Funding amount subject to approval.

* 1. Project Title and Requester Information:

* 2. Description of the Proposed Project (No More than 250 Words):

* 3. Project Scope: Which course(s), program(s), or service area(s) are included in the project?

* 4. Innovation: How will the project advance a continuous cycle of improvement for the program/service area or campus?

* 5. Deliverables: What resources will the project produce that could be used by other faculty or programs/service areas?

* 6. Relation to College Strategic Goals: Which of the following strategic goals does the project most directly address?

* 7. Amount Requested: Please specify requested level of funding ($500 or $1,000) in light of the scope and breadth of project. Note that the funding amount subject to approval.