1. Currier Museum Art Center Survey

Thank you for your interest in the Currier Museum Art Center! Please take a couple of minutes to complete our survey and let us know your thoughts about our programs and building environment.

* 1. Name of the class, workshop or camp that you are currently taking/have taken:

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* 4. For each item identified below, check the button that best fits your answer. Use a scale where:
5 = Excellent
4 = Very good
3 = Good
2 = Fair
1 = Poor

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Quality of Class
Quality of Instructor
Flexibility of course offerings to meet your schedule
Ease of registration
Overall friendliness/sense of community

* 5. Did the class, workshop or camp meet your expectations? Please elaborate:

* 6. How did you find us? (check all that apply)

* 7. Would you recommend the Art Center to others?

* 8. What classes, workshops or camps would you like to see in the future?

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