Faculty Feedback

Thank you for your interest in providing feedback to the ECAS Working Group on the Undergraduate Curriculum.

This Working group was convened by the Faculty Senate in November 2017.  The group was charged to “develop a vision for the undergraduate curriculum for Emory College by reviewing the current curriculum and consulting with representatives of the other Emory undergraduate schools with the aim of integrating this vision with the curriculum of these schools.”  [From the ECAS Senate motion, emphasis ours] 

The Working Group was charged with gathering information from stakeholders about the academic experiences we want all undergraduate to have at Emory, and how the general education requirements can reflect that vision.  We are writing to invite you to participate in conversations about a vision for the undergraduate curriculum.

These questions are being used in the faculty focus groups, and there is in addition space in this survey for general comments.  Whether you have participated in the faculty focus sessions and have additional ideas to share or have not been able to attend, we are happy to have your thoughts on this subject.

Question Title

* 1. Name (optional)

Question Title

* 2. What goals are we trying to achieve for our students by having General Education requirements at Emory?

Question Title

* 3. How successful are we currently in achieving those goals?

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* 4. What other feedback do you want to give about the undergraduate curriculum and shared academic experiences for our students?

Thank you for providing your ideas and perspective for the Working Group!