The new organizational culture?

The repercussion of the new normal in our workforce.
COVID19 crisis has deeply impacted the lives of millions of companies around the world, and forever changed the way we understand culture and organizations work.

It is a fact that the pandemic accelerated processes that were already underway in many cases, such as the digitization of the workplace, the collaboration of remote teams, and the creation of new behaviors and leadership.

However, the fact remains that this exceptional situation has altered the way our employees understand their relationship with the company, their commitment, and even their perception of their job.

Our decisions during the epidemic have undoubtedly conditioned the extent and intensity of all these changes, in some cases positively, and in others, more dramatically. However, that is the scenario that we will have to face, or we are already facing with the return to the office, the store, or the factory.

This research Newlink is conducting, and for which we are requesting your collaboration, aims to understand what we have done best and what we can do now to transform this new time in the best opportunity for organizations.

Thank you in advance for your participation.
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