Feasibility Study For Students

The mission of Cristo Rey high schools is to provide a college prep education to underserved youth. The Cristo Rey Network is now performing a study to determine if there is a way to provide the communities in the Greater Richmond area with a Cristo Rey high school.

Cristo Rey schools:

· Prepare all of its students to enter and graduate from college

· Are Catholic in mission and open to students of all faiths and cultures

· Serve only economically disadvantaged students

· Require participation by all students in the work-study program, which contributes to a major portion of each student’s tuition

Plans are being explored to enable the first class of 75 -100 (with future plans of 400) students to take advantage of this unique educational model at the beginning of the 2019 school year. The School would start with one Freshman Class the first year and add one class per year until full enrollment is reached.

Thank you for taking a few minutes to give us your thoughts on this exciting opportunity for the Richmond community. (please note: This is NOT an application of admission for the school)

* 1. Date:


* 2. First Name:

* 3. Last Name:

* 4. Email:

* 5. Street Address:

* 6. Apartment #

* 7. City:

* 8. Zip Code:

* 9. Home Phone number:

* 10. Cell Phone number:

* 11. Are you a:

* 12. How old are you?

* 13. What grade are you in?

* 14. What school do you currently attend?

* 15. What kind of school do you currently attend?

* 16. What language(s) do you speak? (check all that apply):

* 17. What language do you speak most at home? 

* 18. With which background(s) do you identify (check all that apply):

* 19. Do you receive free lunch at school?

* 20. The highest level of education attended by either of my parents is: 

* 21. Including you, how many children aged 8-12 live in your house?

* 22. Including you, how many people (children and adults) live in your house?

* 23. Which of the following items are important in any high school?  Please choose the appropriate number for each item using the following rating scale: 1= not at all important; 2= not very important; 3= not sure or no opinion; 4= important; 5= very important

  1 = not at all important 2 = not very important 3 = not sure or no opinion 4 = important 5 = very important
a. Co-ed (male and female students)
b. Provides an opportunity for students to work to contribute toward tuition
c. Availability of public transportation
d. Availability of school-provided transportation
e. College preparatory classes/ guidance resources
f. Extra-curricular activities
g. High academic performance and reputation
h. High quality teachers
i. Involvement of family/community
j. Job placement assistance
k. Moral development
l. Racial/ethnic/cultural diversity of student body
m. Religious education
n. Requires competency in multiple languages
o. Science/technology focus
p. Small number of students per classroom
q. Sports/athletics
r. Strong sense of discipline of students
s. Financial aid is available (affordable)

* 24. I would like to attend a high school that will prepare me for college: 

* 25. I would be interested in attending a high school where I would have an opportunity to build business skills and get real world work experience:

* 26. I would like to have the option of attending a Cristo Rey high school, where students work one day a week in a job arranged by the school to help pay for the cost of their education:

* 27. What do you want to do when you grow up?