How Are We Doing?

We're committed to monitoring the quality of the services we provide, as part of an ongoing improvement process. We would appreciate your feedback on our performance. (All submissions are anonymous.)

* 1. Please rate the following aspects of our work.

  Excellent Good Adequate Poor Unacceptable N/A
Timeliness of our response
Our level of professionalism
Keeping you informed during your service
Our level of empathy for your situation
Communicating clearly and effectively

* 2. Overall, how do you rate the quality of services we provide?

* 3. What level of confidence do you have in our ability to protect you and your family?

* 4. What is your level of confidence in our departments ability to prevent emergencies within our community?

* 5. Based on our performance and your perception, how do you feel our department compares to other fire departments you have had interaction with?

* 6. What services did you receive?

* 7. Please provide questions or comments that you feel will help us improve our department.

* 8. Please provide your State, Zip Code and Country for tracking purposes.