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What separates innovative companies like Google and Apple from the rest? In this Creative Culture elective, you will study the 10 characteristics that differentiate innovative companies from non-innovative companies and develop strategies for transforming your organisation into an innovation powerhouse. You will begin by learning the 3 elements of organizational culture and evaluate the same elements in your organization. Next, as you learn the 10 characteristics of innovative organizations, you will go through a self assessment to determine your organization's current capabilities in each area, identify key innovation gaps, and discuss strategies to strengthen your capabilities in each area. This practical session will enable you to determine the steps you need to take to create a work environment that empowers creative thinking and innovation.

The three-hour workshop will take place on Wednesday, September 27. Please fill in the registration form appropriately and we will contact you with all the course details. Kindly note that the cost of the module is 3500 Ksh.

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