1. About You

Just some short questions about who you are to help us understand your answers.

* 1. Which one of the following would you say best describes the industry in which your organization operates?

* 2. We'd like to understand how you split your time between these two general tasks. The total needs to add up to 100.

* 3. 1.Which of the following best describes your role (Choose one answer)?

* 4. How long have you been working as a creative professional? (Choose one answer)

* 5. Roughly how many people in your organization/company have a role similiar to yours? We're looking for rough estimates to understand if you represent a broader community in your particular organization. If you don't know, make a guess.

* 6. Roughly, what percentage of people in your organization/company fall into the following buckets? We're basically trying to understand the breakdown between those that spend their time focused on ideas/concepts and those who create the final creative assets. The total must add up to 100.