* 1. What types of bicycling trips do you take in a typical week, and how often do you take them? Please select one per destination.

  3 or more times per week Several times per month Less than 1-2 times per month Never
Place of worship
Libraries or public recreation centers
Restaurant (fast food)
Restaurant (non-fast food)
Friend or family's house
Convenience store
Grocery store
No destination/for fun or exercise
I do not typically bike

* 2. In your opinion, how easy or difficult is it to bicycle in Cramerton? Please select one.

* 3. What makes it difficult for you to bike in Cramerton? Please select one.

* 4. To increase the ease of bicycling in Cramerton, which of these changes would you recommend? Please prioritize.

  Choice 1 Choice 2 Choice 3
More bicycle infrastructure facilities including, but not limited to, bike lanes on roads, greenways, connections to destinations/transit, crossing signals, lighting, and signage
Enforce motorist laws
Provide bicycle safety education
Promote community bike rides, clubs, and workplace incentive programs for bicycling to work, and active transportation for health benefits
Don't know

* 5. How important do you think the following improvements would be in supporting bicycling in Cramerton? Please select up to three choices.

  Very important Somewhat important Not important Not sure
More bike lanes/signed bike routes/greenways/trails
Maintenance of bike lanes, bike routes/greenways
Improved connections between key destinations, bikeways and transit
Better lighting
More separation from vehicle traffic
Education/enforcement for motorists and bicyclists

* 6. In your opinion, which roads or streets in Cramerton are the least safe for bicyclists? Please specify which road(s) and why.

* 7. In your opinion, which intersections in Cramerton are the least safe for bicyclists? Please specify which road(s) and why.

* 8. If you are given a total of 10 points to allocate to any or all of the following bicycle projects in Cramerton, how would you prioritize these projects by distributing your 10 total points? 10 points = highest priority and 0 points = lowest priority

* 9. What are one or two improvements the town could do to make biking safer and/or more appealing?

* 10. As Cramerton grows with new construction and development, which bicycle-related planning efforts should be required of the government and private developers? Please select what you believe are the three most important.

* 11. Of the following, which policies or programs would you like to see the town make that would enhance bicycle activities in Cramerton? Select all that apply.