The Mpower Group

Thank you for participating in our COVID-19 Sourcing / Supply Chain Benchmarking Survey. 

The most critical challenge facing us as a function today is - How do you build permanent Organizational Capability around your RLT (Response Lead Time)? Based on our extensive interviewing and research over the last three months, we have developed an extensive set of attributes that start answering that question.  This survey should take approximately 15 minutes to complete and contains statements about Sourcing / Supply Chain’s preparedness for the next “COVID-19”.  This survey will help you assess where you are today and will help us gather a collective snapshot of where we all are as a function. 

After all data collection and analysis is complete we will provide you with a snapshot of your organization and will publish the aggregate results to all participants.  Please note that your responses will be kept confidential. 

Thank you in advance for your participation!!!