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In order for a course to be offered as a part of the OEI Course Exchange (OEI CE), it must conform to established standards that have been created to ensure that the course design, approach to instruction, and level of accessibility establish a quality learning environment that conforms to existing regulations. In addition, faculty wishing to teach this course as part of the OEI CE must demonstrate proficiency in online instruction, including knowledge of current and appropriate online teaching pedagogy, a clear understanding of online assessment tools, and mastery of the course management system. Proficiency will be validated by peer online course reviewers using the online application along with access to the online course to determine alignment with the OEI Course Design Rubric.

Thinking of submitting a course for review?

There are many reasons why you may want to participate in the Peer Online Course Review process. Two important goals of the OEI are:

  1. Improve retention and success of students enrolled in Online Course Exchange courses
  2. Increase ease of use and convenience of the online experience

With these goals in mind, the review process offers opportunities for not only you to enhance your course design, but also improve the overall online experience for California Community College students.

To get the most out of the review process, prior to submitting a course for OEI CE consideration, we recommend you review your course to see if it is ready. You can use the rubric as a guide to assess and revise your course. You may also want to meet with your peers who are interested in submitting a course for review to discuss the rubric, and/or attend an "Applying the OEI Course Design Rubric" workshop to learn more about the rubric and explore the ways in which your course may be an exemplary course.