1. Academy Overview

Course Design for Deeper and More Lasting Student Learning
June 5 & 7, 2017, 9:30am to 3:30pm
ITLAL Underground (Library 69)

Application Deadline: May 30, 2017. There are a limited number of seats for this Academy.

Here are some things instructors often say as we reflect on the end of one semester and look forward to the next:
  • “My intro course just drove me crazy! I worked really hard to engage my students with the content, which is so fascinating, but they just wouldn’t meet me halfway.”
  • “I thought I had finally figured out a way to make the core concepts really clear, but a lot of students still bombed the final. I guess I’ve got to find a way to make it even easier for them!”
  • “It looked like my students were working hard, but their final papers were just a mess. They didn’t apply any of the skills I taught them!”
  • “I’m looking forward to teaching a new course next semester and making it a great experience for students, but I just can’t figure out how I can do that and cover all the content.”
If any of these statements sounds familiar to you, we invite you to join ITLAL for the newest addition to our Instructional Leadership Academy series: Course Design for Deeper and More Lasting Student Learning. This Academy is designed to offer you an all-too-rare luxury: time to step back and (re-)conceptualize a course that will lead to better learning outcomes for your students without "dumbing it down." Instead, we'll help you create more challenging encounters with the thinking of your discipline--and more fun for you and your students!

The Academy includes a two-day interactive workshop + a full semester of support as you implement your new design.

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