The County of Maui Department of Water Supply (DWS) Strategic Plan is being prepared by their consultants Harris and Associates and SSFM International. The Strategic Plan is intended to provide long-term guidance for fulfilling the DWS Mission to "Provide Clean Water Efficiently." You are invited to participate in the Strategic Planning process by taking this survey.

DWS is seeking public input regarding three specific issues:
(1) Customer Service Standards
(2) Environmental Consciousness
(3) Transparency and Social Responsibility

The goal of the survey is to document the public's needs, preferences and expectations concerning these issues so that DWS can make informed decisions in the public's interest.

The survey will take about 11 minutes and is entirely confidential.  You are not obligated to complete the survey and may skip any question you don't feel like answering; however, we encourage you to make thoughtful responses to the questions you choose to answer.  

For additional information on the Strategic Planning Process, please submit your written inquiry to:
Tony Herda at (Harris and Associates – Lead Consultant)
Eric Matsuda at (SSFM International – Local Subconsultant)
Robert DeRobles at (DWS Division of Water Resources and Planning)

Your participation is most welcome and encouraged.


Question Title

* 1. What type of DWS customer are you? (check all that apply)

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