Reopening Cleveland County Responsibly

The guiding principle of the Cleveland County Government reopening strategy is that our county is stronger when we collaborate.  In these challenging and uncertain times, no one can foresee what lies ahead, however, we can see clearly the resiliency of our county to confront new challenges. 

Employers and community organizations will be asked to play a lead role in ensuring we can safely reopen and stay open.  By working together to ensure the health and safety of employees and patrons, we can protect public health, promote public trust and consumer confidence, and rebuild our economy. 

You Can Count On Us Cleveland County is a voluntary program developed by Cleveland County Government and designed to insure our local businesses and organizations participating are equipped to deliver the highest standards of public health and safety in order to comply with federal, state and local guidance during the reopening process.

“Certified establishments are those that have been given education materials and personal protective equipment (PPE) by Cleveland County Government. The “certified establishment” label bears no relation to whether or not a business or organization is in compliance with any state or federal laws.”

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