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In light of the upcoming negotiations on fishing quotas for 2017, Transparency International EU (TI EU) sets out to take a fresh look at member states’ positions to increase transparency around Council negotiations in general, and decisions about fishing limits in particular.

Your feedback to this online survey will directly inform a case study on the EU Council decision-making process in the field of the Common Fisheries Policy.

As a follow-up, there will also be the opportunity to provide anonymous feedback during a personal interview, which will not be part of the report.

In its role as co-legislator, the Council of the European Union is responsible for all EU legislation which affects the daily life of millions of EU citizens. Yet, little is known about which member states support which positions in EU negotiations. This holds also true for the specific case of Council decisions in setting fishing limits. Fisheries resources belong to the public and should be managed in the public interest. Yet, several NGOs have repeatedly voiced concern that EU Councils in the past have set fishing limits above scientifically advised levels leading to overexploitation and negative economic, social and environmental effects. 

  • For the results to be collected and analysed in time for the drafting of the report, the online survey is envisioned to run from 27th April to 27th May. Personal interviews are planned to take place shortly afterwards.
  • All feedback will be collected, consolidated and published on a dedicated webpage in June.
  • This will be followed up with a final study published in September
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