Can you afford your arthritis medications?

Does the high cost of medications for your arthritis make it difficult for you to afford treatment?

Whether you have rheumatoid arthritis, juvenile arthritis or another rheumatic condition, we need your story!

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(For simplification, this survey will use the term "arthritis" to include all rheumatic diseases.)

* 1. What is your connection with arthritis or the Arthritis Foundation?

* 2. What kind of arthritis do you or your loved one have?

* 3. Please tell us how arthritis has affected your life.

* 4. Have you or your loved one experienced financial strain due to high prescription drug costs, co-insurance, or drug plan tiering?

* 5. If so, please share that story:

* 6. What is the primary source of your prescription drug coverage?

* 7. What else should we know about your unique story?

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