This housing survey, commissioned by the Cortes Natural Food Co-op, is a followup / update on the 2009 Housing Survey that was prepared as part of our 2012 Official Community Planning process. Thank you to the more than 200 of you who participated in the past. This Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp (CMHC) sponsored survey will have a particular emphasis on creating solutions for AFFORDABLE RENTALS.

Affordability affects everyone. In an aging population, retaining young people, ensuring our working population can afford to live and work here, and helping take care of our elders, are all critical to sustaining a viable and vibrant, livable community. The purpose of this survey is to confirm that there is still a need and demand for affordable housing on Cortes, and to help with preliminary design considerations, including potential location.

Please answer ALL questions that are applicable to you. Results of the Survey are confidential and anonymous thereby allowing your full and honest participation. The last day of submission is November 15, 2013.

* 1. Please enter your email address. (this question is intended to prevent duplications and will be discarded once the survey results are received and verified).