1. The Scholarship

The “Coopers overall sporting achievement award”, valued at $1,000 and presented by Adelaide University Sport’s Primary Sponsor, Coopers, is awarded to an AU Sport affiliated club member to undertake further studies in sports management or for AU students to undertake leadership training courses.

The studies can include topics of interest to the development of University Sport in the areas of leadership, management, facility and athlete services

 2. Eligibility

The candidate must:The candidate must:
a) Be an active financial member of an AU Sport Club
b) Make a contribution to their chosen AU Sport Club.

3. Terms and Conditions

The Award of the Scholarship will depend upon the Scholar agreeing to certain terms and conditions. 

The Scholar will:
a) Abide by the usual university regulations
b) Maintain a high standard of conduct and bearing at all times when representing AU Sport.
c) Send a written report to the AU Sport at the end of the course and/or study period (to be agreed with successful candidate) providing a full analysis of the sports management or leadership studies undertaken for the scholarship.
d) Attend Blues Function (usually held in November of the academic year of which the scholarship has been awarded).

4. Application requirements

The following supporting documents must be received by AU Sport before your application will be considered:
a) Application form (this online form)
b) Letter of recommendation from the AU Sport Club
c) Additional information about other relevant awards, certificates or other achievements

These additional documents need to be submitted via email to: generalmanager@theblacks.com.au

6. Selection Process
The Blues Committee of AU Sport meets every year to rank the Application Forms.  Applicants will be informed of the outcome by mail.

For more information or advice concerning this scholarship, please contact Adelaide University Sport through the following channels: Phone:  08 8313 5403 or Email: generalmanager@theblacks.com.au

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* 1. Personnel Details

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* 2. Date of Birth:

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* 3. Are you proceeding towards a qualification offered by the University of Adelaide?

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* 5. Do you currently hold a any leadership positions within your club?

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* 6. If you currently play or compete for your club, please provide details such as division and competition:

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* 7. Please provide any other supporting information:

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* 8. Please provide details on the proposed studies and/or leadership training/course that you wish to undertake:

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* 9. Please provide details on how your believe this course/training will assist you in your role at your AU Sport Club:

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* 10. Please provide the details of someone from your club committee who is willing to support your application: