Cookie & Cracker Manufacturing Course

Those enrolling into the Cookie & Cracker Manufacturing Correspondence Course are enrolled by Vanessa Vial with American Bakers Association. Once this form is received and payment has been made you will receive a packet welcoming you into this course including Academy access information and directions on how to successfully pass this course.
  • Textbooks Vol. 1&2
  • Hard Copy Workbook or Online Introduction
  • Orientation Information
  • Work Project Success Tips
Important Note for International Members:
Please be aware that an additional fee may apply for the delivery of textbooks to your country. This is a customs fee imposed by your government and is therefore the responsibility of the receiving company and not the responsibility of ABA

If you have any questions, please call ABA at (202) 789-0300

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Once we receive this form, Vanessa Vial will send an invoice to the attention of the Supervisors, unless otherwise noted. Payment must be received in full before course materials are mailed or a student can begin.

Payment by Credit Card: Once you receive our invoice you can pay with a credit card from the electronic notice or call Vanessa Vial directly. No credit card information should be emailed per PCI Compliance.

Payment by Check can be mailed to: American Bakers Association
601 Pennsylvania Ave., NW, Suite 230, Washington, DC 20004

Wire Transfer: Contact Vanessa Vial,