Pre Survey

Hey thanks for completing this survey for us, before you take part in the Conversations for Change resource. It's important to us to get survey results as it helps us improve our work. (We ask for your initials and date of birth in the form of a code just so we at can match up the before and after surveys - no one in your group will see your responses.)

* 1. What's your date of birth? dd/mm/yyyy

* 2. Please enter your initials.

* 3. Please tell us the date and place you are doing Conversations for Change. E.g. Rotorua Girls High School, Rotorua, 20 May. If you are completing the resource over several dates, please put in the first day.

* 4. What’s your preferred gender? (E.g. Female, male, intersex, trans, gender neutral, takataapui or faa’fafine etc)

* 5. What ethnicity do you identify with most?  (E.g. Māori (with specific iwi and hāpu if you wish), European, Pakeha, Samoan, etc.)

* 6. Is there another ethnicity you identify with? If yes, please add:

* 7. A short survey will follow. You will also be asked to repeat the survey when you have finished resource activities. These surveys are optional.