Purpose and Background

You are kindly invited to participated in a consumer’s study on the consumption of eggs and stand a chance to win R5 000.Fully completed submissions will be consider and NAMC employees and their direct households are not eligible for the price money.

South Africa make use of mainly four egg production systems namely:
  • Cage system
  • Enriched cage system
  • Barn system
  • Free range system
The SA egg industry has been under increasing pressure from animal welfare organizations regarding the use of laying cages on egg producing farms. This pressure and the debate on layer hen cage sizes has also been felt at a global level, led primarily by European countries who have begun a move towards cage-free egg production systems. To this end, the World Animal Health Organization (OIE) developed a chapter on Layer hen housing standards during 2019 and requested comments from member countries. Parallel to this, the SABS has been engaged in the development of proposed chicken welfare standards domestically and the Egg Organization of SAPA has been a key advocacy group in all of these fora.

The aim of the survey is to determine how the South African Consumers anticipate how eggs is produced and what price they are prepared to pay.  The aim of the study  is to equipped the Egg Organization with empirical results to bolster its efforts when negotiating chicken welfare standards and layer hen housing standards both at a global level and domestically.

No contact information or any information supplied of any participant will be supplied to any other party or institution. All information will be handled as highly confidential. You are therefore kindly invited to participate in the questionnaire.

The survey close on the 30th of April 2021.

Your cooperation is greatly valued.