The construction sector is facing soaring prices of commodities, severe shortages, and paralyzing delays. Given the unique characteristics of the construction industry and the type of contracts signed between construction companies and their clients, special care is required. 

To this end, Luxinnovation has asked researchers from LIST (Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology) and UL (the University of Luxembourg) to carry out a study on supply shortages in the construction industry. 
The objectives of this study aim at identifying and assessing key challenges faced by stakeholders in this sector, the consequential impacts, and charting paths for exploration to possibly guide decision making and corrective action. 

Your participation is essential to provide decision-makers with a comprehensive view on the evolution of the situation of the sector and how the global shortages unfold in Luxembourg. The results of this survey will be reported only in an aggregated form in its final report. The main conclusions and trends identified through the survey might be shared with the media and the public. 
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