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GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS: In this survey, we are interested in your political and personal attitudes. Please read the instructions for each section below carefully and ensure that you respond to every question. The survey is entirely confidential and anonymous, and we therefore hope that you will respond in an honest manner.

PART 1. First, we would like you to read the following list of events from the past century, for which the official version has been disputed. For each event, we would like you to indicate to what extent you believe the official version of events is true or false. For each statement below rate on a nine pont scale the extent to which you think it is true or false.

* 1. .

  Completely False Completely True
A powerful and secretive group, known as the New World Order, are planning to eventually rule the world through an autonomous world government, which would replace sovereign government

* 2. .

  Completely False Completely True
SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) was produced under laboratory conditions as a biological weapon

* 3. .

  Completely False Completely True
The US government had foreknowledge about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour, but allowed the attack to take place so as to be able to enter the Second World War

* 4. .

  Completely False Completely True
US agencies intentionally created the AIDS epidemic and administered it to Black and gay men in the 1970s

* 5. .

  Completely False Completely True
The assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., was the result of an organised conspiracy by US government agencies such as the CIA and FBI

* 6. .

  Completely False Completely True
The Apollo moon landings never happened and were staged, possibly in a Hollywood film studio

* 7. .

  Completely False Completely True
Area 51 in Nevada, US, is a secretive military base that contains hidden alien spacecraft and/or alien bodies

* 8. .

  Completely False Completely True
The assassination of John F. Kennedy was not committed by the lone gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald, but was rather a detailed, organised conspiracy to kill the President

* 9. .

  Completely False Completely True
The US government allowed the 9/11 attacks to take place so that it would have an excuse to achieve foreign (e.g., wars in Afghanistan and Iraq) and domestic (e.g., attacks on civil liberties) goals that had been determined prior to the attacks

* 10. .

  Completely False Completely True
In July 1947, the US military recovered the wreckage of an alien craft from Roswell, New Mexico, and covered up the fact

* 11. .

  Completely False Completely True
Princess Diana’s death was not an accident, but rather an organised assassination, possibly by members of the British royal family who disliked her

* 12. .

  Completely False Completely True
The Oklahoma City bombers, Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols, did not act alone, but rather received assistance from neo-Nazi groups

* 13. .

  Completely False Completely True
The Coca Cola company intentionally changed to an inferior formula with the intent of driving up demand for their classic product, later reintroducing it for their financial gain

* 14. .

  Completely False Completely True
Special interest groups are suppressing, or have suppressed in the past, technologies that could provide energy at reduced cost or reduced pollution output

* 15. .

  Completely False Completely True
Government agencies in the UK are involved in the distribution of illegal drugs to ethnic minorities
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