Tell us how we should invest in transportation

We are developing a plan to guide how transportation funds will be spent in our area over the next 25 years.  We want to know your thoughts on the transportation system and what you think should be our priorities.  The survey is being conducted by the Lexington Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), the transportation planning agency for Fayette and Jessamine Counties.  
This survey is short and should take about 5 minutes to complete.

* 1. Where do you live?

* 2. How do you usually travel for your commute or other daily trips?

* 3. Are there other ways you sometimes travel (choose one or more)?

* 4. Are you interested in any of the following either today or in the future?

* 5. What is the biggest transportation challenge facing the Lexington Area?

* 6. Knowing that funding is limited, please rank the following from most (1) to least (7) important. Click and drag in order of priority or use the dropdown box.

* 7. When ranking the priority of projects and initiatives, how important are these measures?

  Less Important Neutral More Important
Safe bicycle & pedestrian facilities
Safety for motorists
Target bottlenecks at intersections
Support areas of new growth
Support car and ride share services
Improve street connectivity
Reliability (predictable travel times & traffic conditions)
Support emerging technologies (connected, self driving vehicles)
Urban design & land use patterns to encourage walk/bike/transit
Maintain current infrastructure
Maximize transit ridership
Widen roads & build new roads
Support areas of redevelopment
Improve the visual appeal of roadways

* 8. As our region continues to grow, what types of investments in transportation and technology are most important as well as desired land use patterns?

  Less Important Neutral  More Important
Compact development that is more walkable (higher density mix of housing and retail, less parking, wider/more sidewalks)
Growth patterns that tend to encourage driving (lower density housing, shopping centers with ample parking, roads mainly accommodate vehicles and traffic flow)
Emphasis on technologies and on-call transportation services (connected and self-driving cars/buses/delivery vehicles)
A combination of these options

* 9. What are the three most important needs to improve our transit system (choose up to 3)?

* 10. Please share any other thoughts on improving transportation or specific areas/routes of concern.

* 12. How did you hear about this survey?

* 13. Had you heard about the Lexington Area Metropolitan Planning Organization prior to taking this survey (also called the MPO, Metro Planning, LexMPO)?

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* 15. Thank you!  You must click DONE below to submit your survey. 

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