Thank you for your interest in CONNECT's Springboard Program!

Springboard is a free mentoring program for innovators and entrepreneurs in the science and technology area. The objective of the program is to help entrepreneurs to develop a compelling commercialization strategy and prepare for future funding and growth.

The mentoring is supported by seasoned, C-level executives – our Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (EIRs) who have experience in growing companies and raising capital. The EIRs are supported by a group of our Domain Experts who have expertise in a wide variety of technical and functional arenas.

The length of the program depends on the stage of your company, lasting from several weeks for more mature companies up to 6+ months for early stage start-ups. If accepted, entrepreneurs are assigned a mentoring team of EIRs and Domain experts to coach them. In addition, entrepreneurs receive multiple opportunities to present to group panels of Springboard mentors and receive feedback on the business model and commercialization strategy.
Along with the application, you must send in an executive summary to