ConnectIn Alumni Project Survey

Bredin empowers clients by preparing them for licensure examinations and assisting them in obtaining employment in their field of training from their country of origin. 
We are seeking to connect with Bredin Alumni to promote this exciting initiative to determine your interest to becoming involved in assisting current clients to overcome barriers through the benefit of your experience.
Why Be Involved in ConnectIn?
  • Bredin clients need your expertise and knowledge to help them meet their career goals.
  • Take advantage of our training and develop your skills in leadership, lesson planning, facilitation, instruction and mentoring.
  • Improve your confidence in public speaking.
  • Add to your resume by volunteering your time.
  • Grow your social and professional networks by meeting other alumni and current clients.
  • Enhance client careers and professional development by helping them build on their existing skill set while improving their corporate and labour market knowledge.
  • Participation may count toward licensure mandated volunteer hours and continuing education requirements.
Please take the time to answer these few questions to help us build YOUR project! 

* 1. What is your profession?

* 2. Are you registered with a Regulatory Body? Which one?

* 3.
Have you worked in/or are currently working in Canada in the field of your education from your country of origin?

* 4. The ConnectIn Alumni Project offers 3 streams; Study Group Facilitator, Instructor, One to One Mentorship.  Please indicate which stream(s)you would be interested in participating in?

* 5. What is the minimum and maximum amount of time per month that you would be able to participate in the ConnectIn Alumni project?(please answer both in form of hours)

* 6. Training is provided to all Alumni clients participating in the project.  Please select how you would prefer to receive the training.

* 7. A  Bredin staff member would like to be able to contact you to provide you with more information on the ConnectIn Alumni project.  Please provide us with the contact information in which you would prefer to be reached.