* 1. Where in Columbia County is your business located? (Street address, Neighborhood, or Zip Code

* 2. What kind of broadband service does your business use?

* 3. What do you pay for your broadband service?

* 4. How many employees does your broadband service support? 

* 5. Please rate your satisfaction with the price of your broadband service.

* 6. Please rate your satisfaction with the speed of your broadband service.

* 7. Please rate your satisfaction with the reliability of your broadband service.

* 8. Please rate your satisfaction with your broadband service support.

* 9. What type of business to you operate?

* 10. Is broadband service critical to your business? 

* 11. Would you consider switching your broadband service if another became available in the future? 

* 12. How important is it to have several broadband options to choose from for your business? 

* 13. Do you think there are currently enough broadband service options in Columbia County? 

* 14. Is there any other information pertaining to broadband service for your business that you would like to share with the committee? 

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