* 1. What is the name of the azure traffic manager Traffic manager name

* 2. What will happen when you click on Create Create Traffic Manager

* 3. What will happen when you try to delete the  Traffic manager resource. Locking resoruces

* 4. Which option you should select if you have services hosted in multiple
locations and you want traffic manager to route to backup service when the primary service goes down.  Traffic distribution

* 5. You have primary service deployed on Azure and secondary service hosted on -premise which one of the Endpoint options you will select TM - Endpoint

* 6. What will happen if you set 0 in TTL. 0TTL

* 7. Your customer is hosting application on multiple Azure data center for high 

They are using Traffic manager to distribute traffic to multiple DC. What will happen when one of the Azure Data center is down. 

Will Traffic manager do down or be available.

* 8. You customer has UDP Traffic coming from external service and wants to
configure Traffic manager. What will your feedback to your customer

* 9. What do these values represent TM configuration

* 10. Review the values in the screen and infer what will happen after the first monitoring failure. How will Azure Traffic manager mark the health of the end pointTM Config.