The 2019 California Food for California Kids® Statewide Conference will be held at the Oakland Museum of California on June 27 and 28.

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Waste Management Strategies in Schools: Gain an understanding of how school district waste reduction programs can be implemented across the school environment to enhance sustainability and foster student learning opportunities.
Developing Robust School Gardens: Get inspiration for taking your school garden to the next level. Find out about partnerships that can enable gardens to be successfully maintained and supported by broad members of the school community.
Food Education: From Dirt to Desk to Dining Room: Roll up your sleeves and practice using resources that incorporate food education into the school day, reinforce efforts to connect the classroom, garden, and cafeteria, and support students' understanding of where food comes from and how it reaches the table.
Scratch Cooking and Menu Development: Discover strategies to transition your menus and develop recipes that children love, featuring fresh, California-grown fruits and vegetables.
Enhancing the Dining Experience: Learn creative and effective strategies for enhancing students' dining experience and increasing participation in your program.
Innovative Procurement Strategies: Discover multiple pathways to enhancing your procurement efforts. Hear case studies from school districts that have successfully utilized local, state, and federal resources and leveraged partnerships to improve their procurement.