Thank you for your interest in the Conference Committee!

NorCAN is excited to host the 8th [bi-]annual Strong as Redwoods Regional Nonprofit Conference in Fall 2017.  Part of why we’re so pumped for the conference this year is the opportunity to work with a talented, energetic, knowledgeable and creative bunch of people to organize the event.

Why participate in the Committee? This is our region’s opportunity to bring people together from across our diverse nonprofit sector in a strategic and meaningful way. The more engaged nonprofit people are in creating the event, the more relevant and effective it will be. You have experience in the sector and know what your organization needs.  You know what kinds of conversations you’ve been wanting to have with people from other organizations. You’re connected with others that work and volunteer with nonprofits and have heard about their interests, aspirations, needs and concerns. Let’s join forces and unleash our creative nonprofit juices to create the best conference yet!

What you’ll get: Support; agendas in advance; an opportunity to link people, ideas and resources across our region; FUN; a small but enthusiastic and organized staff that will be eternally grateful for your engagement; relationships with new people doing great work in our area; an interesting experience of bringing people together in a unique way; homemade soup

What you give: Time, perspective, creative and strategic thinking, connection with your networks

Please complete this interest form by 5pm Tues February 21. We'll then follow up with you to set up a 30 minute call or meeting to discuss the committee and your interests.

The first Committee meeting is Tues February 28 from 5:30-7:30pm. Click here for more information about the Committee and full meeting schedule.

We look forward to connecting!

Thank you!

--Amy Jester
NorCAN Program Manager