Consent to participate in an online study

We are conducting an online study to see if a training about autism improves understanding of autism. Below is the consent form for this study. Please read through it and decide if you would like to participate. If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Kristen Gillespie-Lynch at
Please plan to complete this survey in one sitting. You will not be able to return to where you left off once you close this browser. You will also not be able to return to previous pages of the survey once you move forward to another page.
Thank you for helping us learn more about how people think and learn about autism!

Question Title

* 1. Introduction/Purpose: You are invited to participate in a research study. The study is conducted under the direction of Dr. Kristen Gillespie-Lynch, Assistant Professor, College of Staten Island. The co-Investigators taking part in this study are Drs. Patricia Brooks, Nidal Najjar Dao, Fumio Someki, and Gizem Tanol. The purpose of this research study is to examine the efficacy of a web-based training about autism spectrum disorders. The results of this study may help in the development of effective web-based trainings about autism spectrum disorders.

Procedures: Approximately 1200 individuals are expected to participate in this anonymous online study. Each subject will participate in an online pre-test, a training about autism spectrum disorders and a post-test. The time commitment of each participant is expected to be between an hour and an hour and a half. Each session will take place on the internet.

Possible Discomforts and Risks: Your participation in this study may involve the possibility of a breach of anonymity. There is a possibility that you will find information about autism spectrum disorders upsetting or anxiety provoking. To minimize the risk of breach of anonymity we will not ask you to provide your name or birthdate. To minimize the risk that the training material will be upsetting, the training was prepared by autism specialists who have extensive experience working with individuals with autism and their families. Research citations supporting the evidence put forth in the training are available on the CSI-ASD website. If you are troubled or confused as a result of this study you should contact Dr. Gillespie Lynch at .

Benefits: There are no known benefits of participating in this study. However, you may develop new understanding about autism spectrum disorders while participating in this study. By participating in this study, you may help in the development of new trainings to help people understand autism spectrum disorders better.

Alternatives: If you are not interested in participating in this study and are participating for course credit, there are a number of alternative studies you could do instead on the SONA website.

Voluntary Participation: Your participation in this study is voluntary, and you may decide not to participate without prejudice, penalty, or loss of benefits to which you are otherwise entitled.

Financial Considerations: Participation in this study will involve no cost to the subject. If you are a CUNY student participating in the study from the SONA system, you will receive 3 course credits for your participation in this study after completing it. If you have come to the survey from another source besides SONA, you will receive no credits from CUNY for participation.

Confidentiality: The data obtained from you will be collected via the internet. The collected data will be accessible to members of the Institutional Review Board, the principal investigators for this study and research assistants. The researchers will protect your anonymity by not collecting personally identifying information such as your name and instead storing your responses with an ID number assigned when you begin the survey. The data will be stored in an anonymous form on a computer server.

Contact Questions/Persons:If you have any questions about the research now or in the future, you should contact the Principal Investigator, Kristen Gillespie-Lynch, 718-982-4121 If you have any questions concerning your rights as a participant in this study, you may contact the CSI Human Research Protection Program Office at 646-664-8919 or