School-Year Calendar Survey

Based on your input it was clear that while many are satisfied with the present calendar, but there appear to be some areas that we might be able to adjust to make the school calendar work for everyone.  As we put together our 2018-2019 school-year calendar, we are soliciting input from the parents and students related to the calendar. While the school-year calendar is shaped by both collective agreements and Department of Education regulations, there is still room for some flexibility and choice.  We appreciate you taking the time to help us look at some of our customary practices associated with the school year.  Thank you ahead of time for your feedback.

* 1. Please indicate one of the following

* 2. Please rate your preference regarding the beginning of the school year

* 3. If school started after Labor Day, we would:

* 4. Please rank you preference for the Thanksgiving Break

* 5. To maintain the 3 days off at Thanksgiving I would

* 6. Please rank your preference of when the holiday break in December begins (specific to 2018-2019 school calendar)

* 7. Please rank your preferences regarding February break:

* 8. Please rank your preferences regarding April break:

* 9. Any other ideas for changing the calendar that have not been presented?