The Competitive Pre-Application is open only to organizations that have an existing AmeriCorps State program (in Iowa, in another single state, or a national direct).  All currently funded AmeriCorps programs are required to submit a Competitive Pre-Application for continuation or recompete  AmeriCorps funding.  If your organization has previously supported an AmeriCorps State program but does not have an active program in 2021-2022 contact Volunteer Iowa for guidance on which Pre-Application Instructions to follow (Competitive or Formula).  The Competitive Pre-Application will confirm the applicant’s plans to continue their program and notify Volunteer Iowa of significant changes expected to the program.  The Competitive Pre-Application can also be used to propose a new program from an existing sponsor.  A separate Pre-Application is required for each proposed AmeriCorps program.  Volunteer Iowa staff will review the Pre-Applications and applicants will be directed to submit the appropriate Final Application (competitive or formula-only).  Planning grantees apply as new applicants for operational funding and therefore current planning grantees typically do not use this pre-application.

A returning project is defined as: a program proposal from a current competitive or formula operational grantee seeking funding for the same AmeriCorps project. Potential funding statuses for returning projects are: recompeting for formula funding, recompeting for competitive funding, formula continuation funding, or competitive continuation funding. Current Iowa AmeriCorps State program sponsors who wish to develop a new project for 2022-2023 must submit a separate Competitive Pre-Application for that proposal. 

These instructions are to be used in conjunction with the Request for Applications (RFA) and supporting materials posted to the AmeriCorps State Grants page on the Volunteer Iowa website.  Interested applicants for Iowa programs must apply directly to Volunteer Iowa, not to the federal AmeriCorps agency (also knows as the Corporation for National and Community Service or CNCS). Volunteer Iowa’s deadlines are different than the final deadline established by the federal AmeriCorps agency.

There is NO notice of intent to apply process for this competition; instead the submission of the pre-application serves as notice to Volunteer Iowa of the intent to submit a final application for AmeriCorps State funding. The pre-application forms request the identification of two contact persons for the applicant organization who will be added to the mailing list for updates about this competition; it is the responsibility or the applicant to add any additional contact persons by signing them up to our grant competition mailing list.

Volunteer Iowa will collect Returning Project Pre-Applications via SurveyMonkey.  Please complete the form and submit to the Iowa Commission on Volunteer Service (ICVS or “Volunteer Iowa”).  It is strongly suggested that potential applicants review the Pre-Application content and contact the Volunteer Iowa Program Development Officer with questions in advance of submission.  SurveyMonkey does not offer the option to save the Pre-Application and return to it later, so applicants should be prepared to respond to all questions at once.
Volunteer Iowa contact: Jamie Orozco Nagel,, 515-348-6233.