A Message from Cathy

As all International Coach Federation members and credentialed coaches know, continuous learning is a necessary (and some would say the best) part of the process. I have yet to meet an ICF coaching peer who isn’t a life-long learner. 

So, Coaches, are you up for a wee challenge? How do you think you will score on this 3 minute, 10 question quiz on the ICF Coach Competencies?

This is not the official ICF Coach Knowledge Assessment. You will find information on that here if that is what you are looking for.

This is my own little learning tool designed to help you discover what you recall around the ICF Coach Core Competencies and perhaps motivate you to get growing again!


Read each question below and choose the answer that is Most Correct

* 1. Which categories form the basis of the ICF Coach Core Competencies?

* 2. Understanding coaching ethics and standards and the ability to apply them appropriately in all coaching situations is a part of which Competency Category?

* 3. The term Coaching Presence refers to the coaches ability to:

* 4. The ICF Competency Category Setting the Foundation includes:

* 5. Designing Actions is a part of which Competency Category?

* 6. Which statement most accurately defines 'bottom-lining' in coaching?

* 7. Continuously demonstrating personal integrity, honesty and sincerity is a part of which Competency Category?

* 8. Using a metaphor or analogy to help illustrate a point or paint a verbal picture:

* 9. When is it advisable for a coach to give advice to the coachee during a coaching conversation?

* 10. In accordance with the ICF Code of Ethics, the details of a coaching conversation must be kept confidential unless:

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