Housing Application: Introduction

Thank you for your interest in Community Homes!

Community Homes provides, promotes and sustains exceptional community-based housing for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 
We value inclusive, diverse, and equitable communities and we are committed to ensuring the organization reflects the community we serve. We will prioritize the needs of people with disabilities whose oppression is compounded by race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and socio-economic status, and acknowledge the under-representation of these groups in community-based housing.

Our homes exclusively serve adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, providing long-term housing for adults who qualify for affordable housing, including those on Medicaid. Please contact your DDA / DSHS case manager to discuss eligibility and related services for housing.
Community Homes has Adult Family Homes and Shared Living Homes that operate with full-time live-in caregivers who utilize best practices. Our mix of homes can provide different levels of support for adults with I/DD. 
If you are interested in placement in one of our homes, please complete this application to be added to our potential resident data base. Your answers on this application will help us assess compatibility with specific placement opportunities. All information provided on this application is confidential. Only staff involved in the screening/interview process will have access to this information. 

We will follow up with you within seven days to confirm receipt of this application. If you choose not to pursue any given opening, you may remain on the list for the next opportunity. We look forward to future discussions with you.
Cathy Murahashi, Outreach and Education Manager 

PS - it is best to complete the survey in one session.  If you need help with the application, please email Cathy Murahashi.
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