This award is for Clubs of MORE THAN 60 MEMBERS. Please complete each question on this form. The submission deadline is April 1, 2018. Include your club's COMMUNITY SERVICE Projects for the period of April 1, 2017 through March 31, 2018, including projects anticipated for completion by that date.

* 1. Rotary Club Contact Information

* 2. CONCISELY list NO MORE THAN 15 of your Club's Community Service Projects USING ONLY THE SPACE PROVIDED.

Example: Highway Cleanup
Example: Served at Local Soup Kitchen
Example: Holiday Gift Baskets to Families

* 3. Give the AVERAGE percentage of your members involved in the TOTAL number of your projects.

* 4. Please use the comment box below to provide a brief description of your club's MOST MEANINGFUL Community Service Project. How did this affect your Club Members and your Community? Indicate if this was a First-Time Project or an Annual Project.