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Thank you for your interest in our program. By completing this survey, your collaboration with Roots & Shoots will be submitted to our team for review. This survey is designed to be completed by organizations or individuals interested in sharing their expertise. Please include as much information as possible so we may best assess your organization or field of expertise for a successful collaboration.

This survey serves as a tool for non-profit organizations and individuals only. If this does not describe your organization or expertise, please email for other opportunities.

* 1. Program information:

* 2. Social media:

* 3. Areas of expertise. Please check all that apply:

* 4. Approximately how many people do you or your program serve?

* 5. Primary Contact Information:

* 6. Have you or your organization collaborated with Roots & Shoots before?

* 7. Briefly describe how you envision Roots & Shoots to benefit (or how Roots & Shoots has benefited) from a collaboration with you or your organization:

* 8. Briefly describe how you envision you or your organization to benefit (or how you have benefited) from a collaboration with Roots & Shoots:

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