The Belmont Community Path Advisory Committee (CPAC) is seeking your input on a future community path through Belmont. The path would serve the entire community by providing safe access for children and parents walking to school, a route for bicycle commuters, an open space for walking, jogging or in-line skating and other recreational needs. The path would connect residents to town facilities, businesses and public transit. A community path is motor-vehicle free and as such it generally promotes wider uses of basic transportation modes like walking and cycling.

The purpose of this questionnaire is to understand what is most important to town residents and business owners. Your responses will help inform which aspects should be prioritized when assessing potential path routes.

Thank you for your help.

* 1. In what town or city do you live?

* 2. What is the nearest major intersection to your home?
Concord Avenue and School Street, e.g.

* 3. In general, how supportive are you of a community path through Belmont?

* 4. Please indicate for which purpose you would use a community path:

* 5. On average, how often would you say you use off-road paths?
Examples include the Minuteman Bikeway, McLean Conservation Land, Audubon Habitat, Alewife Brook Greenway, Brighton St-to-Alewife path, and Fresh Pond paths.

* 6. In this section, we will ask you how important the following aspects are to the success of a community path. Think about how likely you are to use the path, how you would like to see the path used, and how the path can serve Belmont and surrounding communities.
For a community path, how important is it that the route ...

  Not at all Not that important Neutral Important Extremely Important
be off road, as opposed to sharing roadways with motor vehicles?
creates connections to existing businesses and other public resources?
complements future land uses?
has no hills or sharp turns?
has availability of car parking for path users?
has natural beauty?
provides access to other existing paths?
provides access to Alewife MBTA Station?
provides access to other transit facilities?
has 24-hour access?
be designed to limit construction and maintenance costs?

* 7. What level of safety concerns do you have about using a trail next to active rail line assuming a barrier were placed between the trail and rail line?

* 8. Do you have specific suggestions for what the Community Path Advisory Committee should focus on?

* 9. Do you have any other general comments or concerns regarding a community path in Belmont?

* 10. If you would like to be kept informed of the ongoing activities of the committee, please provide your e-mail.