Your Community and its Collaborative Bodies

We are seeking to identify youth development collaborations in communities across the country, and we need your help!

This 5-10 minute survey asks you to identify the types of collaborative efforts in support of children and youth that are operating locally.

Please complete this quick survey by May 15, 2012. We greatly appreciate it!

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Suzanne Hershey, Senior Fellow, Forum for Youth Investment, at

* 1. Community Name (e.g. city, county, region, other area)

* 2. What is the name of the largest city or central city in this community?

* 4. Please check a box for each type of issue-focused coalition currently operating in your community.

* 5. (Optional) Comments on issue-focused coalitions:

* 6. If you have action teams or coalitions focusing on different age ranges of the "educational pipeline," please specify the age group focus of these teams. (For example, your community may have a middle school coalition, but not one focused on high school.)

* 7. (Optional) Comments on action teams or coalitions organizing around the "education pipeline":

* 8. Is there a Children's Cabinet or Leadership Council focused on Child/Youth Issues operating in your community?

This type of group is generally made up of some combination of civic leaders, government and education agency heads, private (foundation) funders, and possibly others who control policies and resources.