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For the past several years LCIH has been working toward a full implementation of a harm reduction framework throughout the organization - within the shelter itself, as well as through outreach services.

Harm Reduction (HR) is a range of policies and practices designed to reduce the harmful consequences sometime associated with various human behaviors. (seat belts, condoms, and un-used needles are examples)

LCIH staff have participated in harm reduction training, visited several shelters who are currently using harm reduction framework, and have formed a harm reduction committee which includes community members who have harm reduction experience. one of the important pieces is to get feedback on this new approach to facilitate discussions and to deal with any fear or misconceptions.

LCIH is soliciting feedback from current and former service users(outreach clients as well as those who have lived or are currently living in the shelter) as well as from other community members and service providers who work with the women we serve. Please take a few minutes to share your thoughts around harm reduction and Lanark County Interval House.

* 1. How knowledgeable and comfortable do you consider yourself to be around the concept of harm reduction?

* 2. What do you think of when you hear the term harm reduction?

* 3. What are your expectations when LCIH fully implements a harm reduction philosophy?

* 4. What concerns, if any, do you , or your agency have about LCIH working from a harm reduction perspective?

* 5. Do you anticipate clients will have an easier or harder time accessing services?

* 6. Do you have any thoughts or comment about policy changes that may be put in place to support a harm reduction framework? How might this effect your relationship with LCIH?

* 7. Would you, or your organiztion, like additional information about harm reduction?

* 8. If so, you can leave your name at the bottom of this survey, or you can email Lanark County Interval House (info@lcih.com) to make arrangements for harm reduction education material free of charge.

Optional Information: Please leave your Contact Information if you would like education or a follow up call: