How do you currently get information?

Welcome to the Town of The Blue Mountains Communications Survey. In this survey, we are trying to find out more about the tools we use to communicate with you, and how effective they are.

Residents, businesses and visitors all receive communications in so many different ways that we felt it was important to focus Town efforts on those tools that deliver the best information to the widest audience. 

Some of the tools are new, and you may not have seen them, so we have provided links (use 'Ctrl' while clicking link) to make sure you can have a look before providing feedback. 

There are three sections to this survey:

1) How do you currently source information and how well does this work for you;
2) How would you like to receive this information?
3) Questions about new and existing communications tools and ideas for the future.

We thank you for your feedback and look forward to hearing your thoughts. 

Note: No list can include all the available methods of communication. This list includes only options that the Town actively uses, or which are in very common use in the community. We cannot include all social media groups, radio stations, newspapers, bulletin boards at Town Hall, etc.

Question Title

* 1. How do you currently receive information on the following items?

Check all that apply if you source information in multiple ways, e.g. If you get Event information from The Blue Mountains Review (a newsletter mailed to many resident's homes) and the Town's eblast, check both of those options.

If you are not interested in this type of information, use the N/I column.


Business Organizations: refers to emails and other communication you might receive from a business organizations you are a member of e.g. (Chamber News, BIA e-blast, etc.)

Community Newsletters:
refers to newsletters sent out by community organizations such as the Blue Mountain Ratepayer's Association (The View from Blue), BVO, etc. 

COW Highlights Update: This is new for 2018 and includes summaries of all the staff reports, presentations, deputations and Public Meetings at the next Committee of the Whole (COW)

EDAC Newsletter:  This is the Newsletter put out quarterly by the Economic Development Advisory Committee of the Town (EDAC).

General Town Information: Where and when to get a building permit, waste and recycling pick-up, etc. 

Public Notices: These are notices issued to inform residents of developments, variance applications, upcoming major road works, Public Meetings, Public Information Centres, etc. 

TBM Review: This refers to The Blue Mountains Review aka "The Review" which is mailed to most homes in our Town each month.

Town Notices: Town Notices relate to anything from emergencies, water main breakages, fire safety, road work, etc.

Weekly E-blast:  We have about 1,200 subscribers to our weekly email that includes a summary of Town Notices, Council Meeting information, Events, Business News, etc. (you will have an opportunity to sign up at the end!)

  Town Website Town Twitter Feed Weekly e-blast COW Highlights Newsletter Library/Depot Collingwood Connection Thornbury Paper (online) TBM Review Newsletter EDAC Newsletter Tax Bill Newsletter N/I
Council Meetings
Town Notices
Public Notices
General Town Information (e.g. Waste, Building Permits)
Business News and Events
Arts and Culture Events
Community Events and Activities
Tourism Information

Question Title

* 2. How would you currently rate the effectiveness of this option for providing information to you? (where 1 is poor and 5 is highly effective)

For any communications options that you do not use, simply choose N/A.

  1 2 3 4 5 N/A
Town Website
Live Feed of Council Meetings (Website)
Archived Feed of Council Mtgs (Website)
Town Twitter Feed
Weekly E-blast
Bulletin Board in Town Hall
Collingwood Connection
Thornbury Paper
The Review Newsletter
Community Newsletter (e.g. The View from Blue)
Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC) Newsletter
Tax Bill Newsletter
Committee of the Whole Highlights Newsletter
Business Organizations
Atrium TV at Town Hall