Please share some basic information about your chosen commons.

This survey is the place to document your in-depth research on specific commons or things that should be governed as commons. This information will be used to develop the commons directory on the CommonsScope website.

You can contribute to this crowdsourcing effort at a #CommonsQuest event, with friends, or on your own.

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This survey is a project of CommonSpark:

Thanks to David Bollier, Pablo de Soto, and the TransforMap community for the inspirations we integrated into this survey.

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* 1. What is the name of the commons or shared resource?

* 2. Please share a basic description.

* 3. In what sense is your commons a commons?

* 4. Who uses the commons?

Tip: Try to identify all actors. Examples include general public, indigenous people, programmers, lobster fishermen, all people, non-human species, corporations. Name the specific organization or community where applicable.

* 5. Who manages the commons?

* 6. Where is the commons located?

* 7. What is the scale of activity?

* 8. What year was it established/created (if applicable)?