Your involvement is key to our success. Committees meet throughout the year in-person and/or via conference call. Each committee varies in its required time commitment. Some committees only meet a few times during the year, while others convene up to five times annually. Each year, the MAFP President and MAFP Foundation President appoint committees.

If you are interested in serving on one of the following committees, please rank in order of preference (with 1 being your first choice, 2 your second choice, etc.) the committee(s) in which you’re interested, and return this completed form by April 1.

Committee Descriptions

Advocacy Committee (MAFP)
Helps shape healthcare policy through interactions with government, the public, business, other professional organizations, and the healthcare industry.

Editorial Panel (MAFP)
Assists in establishing the editorial calendar for MAFP publications, which serve to promote the unique and essential role of Family Medicine and the Academy to the public, business, government, healthcare industry, media and our members. (Please note: This panel's work is primarily conducted electronically.)

Member Engagement Committee (MAFP)
Helps to recruit, engage and retain members in the community of Family Medicine in Michigan, while offering viable membership services.

Practice Management Committee (MAFP)
Provides advisory support for Academy efforts around Family Physician practice management issues, including but not limited to practice transformation; practice ownership, administration and staffing; and payment and reimbursement matters incorporating new models of care and including working with third-party payers.

Professional Development Committee (MAFP Foundation)
Plans, advises, and conducts all CME programming that MAFP offers its members.

Student & Resident Education Committee (MAFP Foundation)
Focuses on Michigan being perceived by Family Medicine residents and medical students as a leader in Family Medicine, through the assistance and cooperation of Family Medicine residency program directors and faculty, medical school faculty, residents and students.

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