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It is volunteers like you that make the Libertarian Party of California work to build and advance our Party and its principles!  Please complete this application and upload your resume to apply to be one or more of the Libertarian Party of California's numerous committees!  Here is a brief description of the work done by each of the committees:

Bylaws Committee - Works to create a report which to be given to convention delegates which recommends changes in the Party's Bylaws and Convention Rules.

Program Committee - Works to make recommendations for changes in the Party's Program.

Platform Committee Coordinator - The coordinator works with members elected from each county organization to create a report to be given to convention delegates which recommends changes in the Party's Platform.

Financial Standards Committee - Works to audit the financial records of the Party and submit a report to the convention delegates.

Membership Committee - Works to manage the Parties's programs to promote membership.

Credentials Committee - Works to assist the Secretary in credentialing delegates at the annual Convention.

Candidate Support Committee - Works to raise money to support qualified Libertarian candidates in California and/or support campaign publicity not specifically promoting an individual candidacy.

Historical Preservation Committee - To be responsible for directing the preservation and publication of Party historical documents
Social Media Committee - To be responsible for managing the creation of original content and maintaining and improving social media reach of social media assets.

Communications and Marketing Committee - To be responsible for developing and promoting official communications from the Party.
Awards Committee - To establish awards to be given at the convention, set the manage the nomination process, select the award winners by committee vote, secure the awards, and present the awards at the convention.

Convention Oversight Committee - To plan and manage the Party’s upcoming convention.

Volunteer Committee - To be responsible for coordinating and finding volunteers.

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