By completing and submitting this Commercial Directory Profile, you are opting-in to participate in LeadingRE's Commercial Broker Directory.  This confirms you have completed the required training webinar (or video), that your relocation and commercial teams have met and established in-house referral policies and procedures to handle Inbound and Outbound opportunities, and that you agree to the network referral fee of 25% on closed commercial referrals, 10% of which (net 2.5%) is shared with LeadingRE on closed referrals your company originates.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Erika Labutka,, +1.312.424.0429.

* 1. Please indicate your company's current commercial service level:

* 2. Please select the commercial service type(s) currently managed by your commercial team.  These should be service types your team has successfully transacted in the last 12 to 24 months:

* 3. Please select the commercial certifications or designations currently held by your commercial team:

* 4. Please indicate if your commercial team is already affiliated with a commercial network (this may also be reflected on the directory for filter/search purposes):

* 5. Commercial Division or Company Profile Details (to be displayed on Commercial Directory)

* 6. Commercial Contact (the person to whom inbound referrals will be directed)

* 7. If the Commercial Contact you listed above is not the Commercial Broker in charge, please provide Commercial Broker's details here:

* 8. If you have a Child Company(s) represented in the Residential Directory, please indicate if you would like them to be included in the Commercial Directory.

* 9. If the Child Company(s) Commercial Contact is different, please indicate below (the person to whom inbound referrals will be directed).

* 10. Please check any languages your commercial team speaks fluently:

* 11. The commercial directory will default to your company's company profile from the residential directory.  If you would like to display a brief, customized commercial profile, please include here or email to commercial profile/update to

Please click Submit to complete your profile. The beta-version of LeadingRE's Commercial Directory is expected to roll-out by the end of February, 2017.  You will be notified when the beta version is available for your review.  Thank you!

* 12. Does your commercial team cover the same service areas currently reflected for your residential brokerage here: (please review and confirm).