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Question Title

* 1. Place in order of time of publication. 1 = most current and least amount of time publish, 5 = most amount of time to assemble, review and publish:

  1 2 3 4 5
Scholarly journal article
Newspaper article
Magazine article

Question Title

* 2. Let’s pretend it is April, and you are preparing to research an event that happened in Haiti in January. How likely is it that you will find the following?

  Highly Likely Highly Unlikely
A book about January's event, comparing this event to others that have affected Haiti
A short article featuring brief interviews with Haitians about how the event has affected their family, friends, and neighbors
A peer-reviewed study that investigates how the event has affected Haitian children, written by psychology researchers at a university

Question Title

* 3. You are writing about a topic that undergoes regular, ongoing research (i.e., a disease that many researchers study), and you want to find a variety of information about it. If you were going to research diabetes, you may decide you would like to find certain types of publications. Look through each option and check which publication types might be available for each: (Select all that apply)

  Book Scholarly journal article Magazine article Newspaper article Website/Television/Radio
Brief, informal interviews with several doctors talking about possible directions for new diabetes research that was published within the last year.
Published findings of a peer-reviewed study about juvenile diabetes, done by researchers at a university or research hospital, that was published within the last four years.
An in-depth overview of the disease diabetes, with lots of detailed information about the history of the disease, the countries most affected by the disease, causes, treatments, and so on, that was published within the last five years.
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