We want to hear from you about what is important with regards to Comal County Parks, Open Spaces and Natural Areas. As part of a master planning process, Comal County is exploring the community’s interests, wishes and willingness to pay in regard to possible future open space preservation and park land development in response to the region’s rapid development. Comal County has no budgeted funds or current plans to engage in any of the activities listed in the survey below but wishes to understand the current inventory and situation in these regards and is asking the public for help to understand what is desired now and into the future. Because of the County’s limited authorities and methods to do otherwise, almost all of the endeavors discussed in the survey would necessitate large, long-term investments and expansion of government services that almost certainly would include the use of property tax money collected from you and all of our citizens to undertake.

Comal County owns or leases five (5) properties that have varying degrees of development that range from no development at all or very limited developed trails with a few parking spaces for access to lighted sports fields with large, formal parking lots. The County’s approach to provision of these parks and open spaces has been primarily through partnerships with local organizations that provide varying degrees of capital funds for development and resources for ongoing maintenance.   While the County’s most desired method for funding any potential capital projects is the use of non-county funds like grants, even grant funding requires local matches and has administrative costs. All monies the County would spend on these things would come from property taxes. Your participation in this survey is very important to the development of strategies, potential partnerships and better defining its role in providing these things.