We are happy to announce the Collaboratory Clinic, an appointment-based free consulting service for students and researchers at Columbia University that offers assistance with planning and executing data driven research projects, including help with data visualization, analysis and prediction, both in conceptual terms and with concrete software implementations.
The Collaboratory Clinic will provide free in-person assistance with data science related queries to any member of the Columbia Community.

Please provide the details below to request an appointment.

* 1. Contact details

* 2. What is your research hypothesis or study objective?

* 3. What is the nature of the data (tabular, text, images, including a description of relevant variables, data structure, and data type)

* 4. What programming language do you use (if any)?

* 5. What Software package(s) you are using?

* 6. What type of assistance do you need?

* 7. What is your timeline for this project?

* 8. Additional comments