1. Introduction

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The purpose of the Handbook on Planning, Evaluating and Improving Interagency Collaboration for Oral Health Programs (2011) is to provide you with a framework and specific strategies for planning, improving, and evaluating inter-agency collaboration. Tools, worksheets, and helpful hints are provided throughout the Handbook, and are excerpted in the companion Workbook.

This Handbook is intended to be a living, breathing resource that is continuously updated and improved based upon what we learn from those who use it. We don’t want the Handbook sitting on a shelf collecting dust, or sitting in an unvisited folder on your desktop. Please access the Handbook, read it, talk to your colleagues about it, implement the strategies, test the tools and let us know, via this survey, how it went. Then do more and give more feedback.

Please use this survey to share specific feedback with us about what you’ve found effective, helpful, and/or confusing. We’ll make revisions to the Handbook based on what we learn from you and your colleagues.

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